Getting Started

Last updated 6 months ago

Welcome to Zentail!

We're very excited you chose Zentail as your multi-channel e-commerce platform. As you'll learn, you now have A LOT of power at your finger tips with the ability to manage your catalog on multiple channels (or marketplaces) from one place. We have a variety of ways that you can customize your listings based on your needs and the marketplace your listing on.

As we get started, you should keep these resources in mind:

  1. Our continuously expanding knowledge base,, should be the initial place to trouble-shoot issues, find out more information, or just casually explore what Zentail can do!
  2. You can contact us through the chat function on the bottom-right of your screen through
  3. You can e-mail the team at
Please watch the following video for an overview of Zentail:

Warning: we're going to use a lot of e-commerce buzzwords so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the industry lingo. Here's a glossary of common e-commerce words and acronyms

For more information on each page within Zentail, please refer to the following knowledge base articles: