Welcome to EasyList

Last updated 8 months ago

EasyList is a new listing framework we have developed which simplifies the process of listing SKUs to Amazon. 

If you signed on with Zentail before January 2017, then it is possible your account has not been converted to EasyList. To convert to EasyList, please message us via our chat system.

Listing to Existing ASINs

Our original system for listing to Amazon would send all product data to Amazon. This caused issues with Amazon frequently rejecting SKUs because one or more attributes attributes did not match the ASIN's data.

From now on, if you want to list to a specific ASIN, just use our ASIN Matcher or manually paste the ASIN into the "Desired ASIN" field. Instead of sending all product data which gives Amazon the chance to reject you, all our system does is sends SKU, ASIN, Title. Title doesn't need to match Amazon's title.

Generating new ASINs from Zentail

To generate a new ASIN, simply provide all required product attributes based on the Amazon flat file requirements for your Amazon categorization (Amazon Item Type, Amazon Product Type). Since no ASIN exists, your Desired ASIN field will remain blank.
desired-asin-blank.png 10.55 KB

Once your ASIN is generated, Zentail will leave your Desired ASIN field blank -- please be sure not to enter the ASIN into the Desired ASIN field if you are the creator and owner of that ASIN. Doing so will cause Zentail to only send SKU, Title and ASIN and Amazon will suppress your ASIN because you are now providing insufficient data for the ASIN you created.

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