Import Existing Catalog into Zentail

Last updated 6 months ago

We have found that your CLR is the best source of data for us to use to create a strong base of your product data within Zentail. We use other methods to build upon this data. There are alternative methods of importing your catalog if you feel your best source is within your Shopify account or a separate database. Please refer to the appropriate steps below based on your best source of product data:

CLR (Amazon)

  1. Request access to your CLRS *If you sell in more than one category, you should ask to have all of them unlocked
  2. Download your CLRs from Amazon
  3. Upload your CLRs into Zentail* (currently, send your reports to Zentail support and we'll work with you on this step)
  4. Notify Zentail via chat or when you've completed everything up to this point
  5. Quality Control and Clean Up

Custom Template (Shopify)

  1. Download your catalog from Shopify and send it your Zentail onboarding support
  2. We will work with you to extract the most important data and match it with a corresponding Zentail attribute