How do I input/edit my price for a SKU in Zentail?

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While managing your pricing directly on Zentail, it's important to note that there are few ways you can update your pricing:

  • Price View - Useful when concentrating on pricing adjustments for a number of SKUs.
  • Catalog page - Handy when you've just created a SKU or are working on optimizing a small number of SKUs.
  • Import feature - Allows you to update pricing in bulk. 

Edit Pricing through the Price View

We offer a view dedicated to editing your catalog's pricing. From here, you can easily view your Sales Price, Costs, each channel's price override, and more! We also include the lowest landed price on each channel that provides that information! Editing your catalog's prices has never been easier.

Video review:

To access the Price view, start on your Catalog page. Use the Catalog / Inventory / Price drop-down to access your Price view:

For each SKU, you will be able to view and edit your current Price, MSRP, MAP, Cost, Min Price, and Max Price.
The Lowest Price Column will also include the shipping cost for all available channels! From here, you can also set your Price override on any channel:

Using the tabs on the left side of the screen, you can filter to view only SKUs listed on each channel, or those that are missing a price.

Listing from the Pricing Page

You can use the toggle button under "List to Channel" to list the SKU to a channel.
pasted-file-1.png 389.17 KB
  • Blue Toggle: Listed to Channel
  • Triangle Icon with exclamation point: Product Listing Error preventing SKU from being listed or updated
  • White Toggle: Not Listed to Channel

Edit Pricing through the Catalog

  1. First, click on the Catalog (On the top right hand of your screen)
  2.  Select the SKU you want to edit. You can use the search field above the top row to filter your catalog.
  3. Once the SKU is selected and you've opened the left-hand menu, click the EDIT button.
  4. Find Price & Availability which will appear in the middle column
  5. From here, you can simply enter the price in the Sales Price field.
  6. Click the save icon (check mark) to save your changes!

Setting a Channel Price Override from the Catalog Page

You can access the Sales Price Override for each channel through the Catalog page. Once you've selected the SKU you want to edit, you can the Advanced Options for each channel includes a Sales Price Override 

Edit Pricing through the Import feature

To edit pricing in bulk, we recommend using our Import / Export feature. You can create a custom template that includes your sales price, as well as the price override for each channel with which you are integrated!

Please review the below video for guidance on using this feature:

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