What data does Zentail send to each Marketplace? What is View Feed Messages?

Last updated 9 months ago

We have a feature that allows you to view exactly what data gets sent in our feeds to specific Marketplaces. This includes Amazon, Walmart, and Jet (we plan on including API calls in the future). These feeds include the time they were sent to each marketplace and when the respective marketplace accepted our feed. This is a great way to confirm exactly what data is being sent to the marketplace for your products!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What sort of feeds does Zentail send to each Marketplace?
There are different feeds available for us to send data for each marketplace. They are:
  • Amazon
    • Product Data
    • Pricing
    • Inventory
    • Relationship
  • Walmart
    • Product Data (This includes price)
    • Inventory
  • Jet
    • Product Data
    • Inventory
How often does Zentail send feeds to each Marketplace?
We will send a feed to each marketplace every fifteen minutes for any SKU that has been recently updated. That means, if you changed the price for a SKU, we will send out a new price feed for each Marketplace to which it is listed within the next 15 minutes. If an order comes in for a SKU that changes its inventory, we will send inventory feeds to every other marketplace within the next 15 minutes. Please note that we do not send an inventory feed back to the channel where the order came from. For example, if an order came from Amazon, Amazon automatically deducted the appropriate quantity for that SKU. We'll just send the updated inventory feed to every other marketplace that SKU is listed to. We will also send a reconciliation feed for all inventory greater than 0 and for which the sku is set to list. 

Can I push out an updated feed?
Yes, we have the option to Update & Push Channels. For API based integrations (eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, Pricefalls), this will send the most recent data to each channel. For Marketplace integrations like Amazon and Walmart, we will send out updated feeds within the next 15 minutes.

Why don't I see feeds for some marketplaces?
There are a few reasons why you may not see feeds for some marketplaces.
  • Do you have product data sync enabled on your integrations page? This is required to send product data feeds.
  • If this is for Amazon, have checked the product data sync override within the SKU? This needs to be toggled to Enable as well.
  • Is your SKU set to "List" for that Marketplace? We won't send product data feeds if your SKU is set to "Don't List"
    • If you've recently toggled your SKU from "List" to "Don't List", we will send an updated inventory feed of zero quantity.