How do I generate an RMA and return shipping label?

Last updated about 1 year ago

**Jet Return Requests are automatically accepted and generated to ensure a high level of service. Standard Jet Partner Portal configuration for Zentail clients is for Jet to send the customer a return shipping label**

An RMA is a Return Merchandise Authorization - You would generate an RMA if you require the customer to send back an item in order to receive a refund.

To generate an RMA and return shipping label*:

  1. Find the order in Zentail associated with the return => Click "GENERATE RMA"
  2. In the slider that appears, confirm the quantity of items you want to return => Click the "create return" button
  3. On the left sidebar for this order, in the "Return Requests" section => Click the "PURCHASE LABEL" button.
  4. Confirm the shipping dimensions and click "GET QUOTES"
  5. Select the carrier and service level => Click "PURCHASE AND PRINT LABELS"
  6. On the left sidebar for this order, in the "Packages" section, there is now a new "package" for this RMA (the RMA # is included for your reference) => Click the download icon to view the shipping label as a PDF.
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Purchase Label Button will only be enabled if you have EasyPost Fulfillment integrated