Checklist for Sending Inventory

Last updated 7 months ago

If inventory is not being sent here's what to check:

  1. Is Inventory available in the SKU (Catalog Page)? 
  2. Is inventory sync enabled for the channel you are looking at (Integrations page)?
  3. Was the SKU ever set to List in Zentail for that channel? If no, please establish this initial connection
  4. If this is regarding FBA inventory; is FBA multi-channel fulfillment enabled (Amazon Integration Card)?
  5. Are the warehouses in question enabled (Account settings page => Channel Overrides) for the channel?
  6. Is there a max listed quantity either on the integrations page or as a SKU override  (Amazon/eBay)? 
  7. Is there an inventory threshold in place for the channel in question?  (Account Settings => Also, verify if "ignore inventory threshold is checked" on the integrations page).
  8. Are there errors on the SKU?
  9. Are Inventory FEEDS being sent?(You can view this on each SKU for feed based integrations)
Note for inventory feeds:
If all orders were placed on the same channel after an inventory feed is sent to it,  we do not send a revised inventory feed as the channel knows how much is left based on the previous inventory feed and the orders since then.

Example: We send a quantity of 14 to Walmart. 6 orders come in, all from Walmart. We will not send another feed of 8 to Walmart as they should already know that there is 6 fewer in stock. We will send the updated inventory to other channels.