How to troubleshoot and resolve common eBay errors

Last updated 6 months ago

When listing your products to eBay, you may experience various listing errors. Your products will not get listed to eBay until you've taken the necessary steps to resolve those issues. eBay errors are often difficult to understand but with the correct process you will be able to resolve them quickly. This post will teach you the best way to resolve errors quickly so you can optimize your eBay sales. 

Please note that Zentail simply relays error messages from eBay, and these errors can be resolved by doing the following in order:
  1. Carefully consider the contents of the message
  2. Search to see if we have an overview of the error and how to resolve it
    • See the below section for a concise list of eBay errors and links to our articles on how to resolve them!
  3. Search Google if does not have your answer to better understand the issue
  4. Make attempts to correct the issue
  5. Contact eBay

 Common eBay Error Messages

If after these 5 steps, you are still unable to list then we are happy to assist you. Please understand it can take 1 hour for messages to be refreshed by eBay so please do not rush to message us after you have made an adjustment in Zentail in an attempt to resolve an eBay error.