How do I Activate and Set Default eBay Business Policies?

Last updated 6 months ago

Business Policies are created and managed in your My eBay portal. Zentail syncs every 15* minutes to check for new business policies. Here's how to Activate eBay Business Policies for Payment, Shipping, and Returns on an Account-wide and Per-SKU basis:

Setting Account-wide eBay Business Policies

  1. Go to the Integrations page => Select your eBay channel
  2. Scroll down and click "MANAGE BUSINESS POLICIES"
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  3. In the "Manage Business Policies" view
    1. Click "SEARCH" and press "Enter"
    2. Click the dropdown for each policy type (Payment, Returns, Shipping)
  4. Select the policy you want to use for each policy type
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    Your selected policies should now be displayed on the left side of the "Manage Business Policies" view
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Set your Default Business Policies

  1. Go back to the Integrations page => Make sure the "Use Business Policies" box is checked
  2. Select a DEFAULT Payment, Shipping and Return Policy on the right hand side using the drop down menu. 
  3. Scroll down => Click "SAVE SETTINGS" (found on the bottom right)
Note: If you don't see a policy in the drop down it means you have not activated the business policy.
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If you are NOT previously LIVE  or would like to Overwrite Product data on eBay you may proceed with the following:
  1. Go back to the eBay section of the Integrations page
  2. Scroll down to the "Actions" section => Click "UPDATE ALL PRODUCTS"
Note: Clicking Update All Products will overwrite existing product data with the data that is in Zentail
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Adding Business Policies on a Per-SKU Basis

  1. Click on a SKU in your Catalog
  2. Scroll down the left sidebar to the "eBay" card => Click "ADVANCED OPTIONS"
  3. In the slider that appears => Select the policy you would like to use as an override for this specific SKU
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  4. Click "UPDATE & PUSH"

Important to consider

Once eBay Business Policies are enabled, you will not be able to use your old account-wide and per-SKU eBay Shipping and Return Options that you had set in Zentail. To clarify, this means your old basic shipping options, payment  and Returns settings won't work and will need to be replaced by a business policy as referenced above. If you did not use the Zentail shipping options you may disregard this.
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