What is the process for going live on ebay?

Last updated 6 months ago

So you want to launch on eBay?

Here are the steps to launch, or integrate, your Zentail catalog with eBay. For each step, click on the corresponding FAQ and follow the instructions,

  1. Make sure your eBay store is a business account: FAQ
  2. Integrate your ebay account with Zentail: FAQ
  3. Set up the following business policies in eBay: FAQ
    • Manage/Opt in to eBay business policies if you haven't already
    • Shipping, Payment and Returns Policy 
  4. Activate and Set Default Policies in Zentail: FAQ
    • Which policies should you use?
      • Shipping Policy: FAQ
      • Payment Policy: FAQ
  5. Set a Max Listed Quantity: FAQ
  6. Enable Strike Through Pricing for eBay: FAQ
  7. Set all SKUs to "List" on eBay: FAQ
  8. Resolve your eBay Critical Issues: FAQ
    • This step helps ensures that we can create listings on eBay.
  9. For your reference, please review our FAQs:
  10. Sending Product Data: FAQ

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