How do I generate a new ASIN?

Last updated about 1 year ago

You can create or generate new ASINs directly in Zentail. Each product category or Amazon department has slightly different requirements. Some categories require minimal information, while other categories have extensive requirements. Below is a list of basic information applicable to all categories

How to generate new ASINs from Zentail:

  1. Enter the basic product attributes (bold and italicized attributes are generally required):
    • UPC
    • Brand
    • MPN
    • Sales Price
    • Quantity
    • Title
    • Description
      • Must be under 2,000 characters. You can use an Amazon Description Override
    • Tags -- not required, enter your keywords here to improve Amazon search optimization.
    • Bullet Points -- you can add less than the 5 provided in Zentail
      • Must be under 500 characters
  2. In the "Categorization" section of the CATEGORY & DESCRIPTION tab, enter:
    • Your Zentail SMART Type OR:
      • Amazon Item Type -- click the icon to the right of the field to search Amazon's classifier, use the "Valid Values" or "Node ID" value.
      • Amazon Product Type -- click the icon to the right of the field to select from our Category Browser.
  3. Save your work.
  4. In the "Channels" section on the left sidebar for this SKU, for Amazon, if there is no toggle button to set the SKU to "List", check for Critical Issues and view the errors returned by Amazon to complete the data that Amazon is asking for.
  5. Repeat step 4 until the toggle button appears, se the toggle button to "List".
  6. If an 'eye' icon linking to your new ASIN does not appear within 15 mins, check for error messages from Amazon until the 'eye' icon appears.
  • Once an ASIN is generated, it may take 15 - 45 minutes for all data to flow through to the new listing. Images are typically the slowest to populate, be patient.
  • Contact us if you are having trouble generating an ASIN.