How do I optimize my SKUs in Zentail for quick Jet Review?

Last updated about 1 year ago

Step 8

  1. Go to the Jet Partner Portal Dashboard -- it may take 24 hours for this view to update once have completed the Test API process.
    • In the "Products" section on the dashboard, you can see how many SKUs are "Available for Sale"
      Image 2016-09-13 at 1.28.04 PM.png 52.28 KB
    • Click "View Details" to identify the status of individual SKUs
      Image 2016-09-13 at 1.30.44 PM.png 41.94 KB
  2. Address your Product Listing Errors in Zentail.
    • Click the "All Sources" dropdown => Select the Jet option
      Image 2016-09-13 at 1.33.44 PM.png 30.53 KB
    • Review the "Last Message" in each row and click the "SKU" value in the corresponding row to take action and edit that SKU.
  3. If your SKUs are stuck "Under Jet Review" or Missing Listing Data (#1 above):
    • contact us via our in-app chat feature to let us know that you would like assistance
    • email to ask them to review your SKUs or provide an internal report explaining why your SKUs are not "Available for Sale"

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