How to Integrate Big Commerce with Zentail

Last updated 3 months ago

Integrating with Big Commerce is a slightly more detailed process than integrating Zentails with other channels. If you have any questions, please e-mail or message us via the in-app chat feature.

  1. Sign Up for BigCommerce Account
  2. Ask a Zentail specialist to add BigCommerce as an integration to your Zentail account. 
  3. Go to
  4. Click "Create an App" and Call it Zentail
    pasted-file-1.png 46.16 KB
    5. Click on "Edit App"

6. Copy the Follow Information into each Step:

Step 1:

    • Contact Name: Zentail
    • Business Name: Manager
    • Email Address:
    • Contact Phone Number: Enter any Number
    • Partner ID: Leave Blank - a Zentail specialist will add this in later
  • Upload this logo under app summary:
    image.png 10.62 KB
    • Paste this in the box below logo: Zentail is an all-in-one catalog, inventory and order management platform with integrated shipping and FBA automation. Sell on Jet, Walmart.

Under Category select: 

    • Catalog & Order Management
      • Select: Inventory & Order Management
    • Sales Channels
      • Select: Multichannel Listings

Step 2:

  • Paste this into the app details: 
    • Multichannel made simple. Zentail started as a technology-enabled multichannel retailer. Encouraged by our channel partners, we've opened up our technology to select retailers looking for a simple and cost effective way to streamline and grow their online business.

      • Channels: Amazon, Walmart, Jet, eBay, Google Shopping, and more...
      • Catalog and Inventory Management
      • Integrated Shipping Label Generation
      • FBA Multichannel Automation
      • Dynamic Repricing
      • Fixed fee per order
      • US-based customer support
    • Zentail is a true all-in-one multichannel management platform.
    • You do not need any screenshots or a privacy policy link

Step 3:

  • App Features:
    • Set them up like this:
      image.png 32.99 KB
  • Paste in these Callback URLs:
    • Auth Callback URL:
    • Load Callback URL:
    • Leave the third one blank
  • OAUth Scopes
    • Set them up like this:
      image.png 70.93 KB
  • Test Instructions - Paste the following in:
    • To Login:
      Enter email and password bigcommercetest into
      To pull products into zentail:

      • Go to:
      • Choose the big commerce "full product data" then follow the steps and the import will begin.
      • Products view
        you can view and edit products here
        Orders view

        you can view and manage orders here
        Orders and product updates usually take around 15 minutes to sync.

Step 4:

Review all above steps to make sure it has been accurately entered.

Step 5:

    • ***Do NOT Click Submit for Review on Step 6***

    • Click "Update and Close" 
    • If an alert pops up saying "You are about to change your OAuth Scopes. This will require reauthorization by all stores that already have your app installed"  Click "Confirm Update"

Step 6:

  • Let a Zentail specialist know when this is done and they will finish up the configuration - Please include your BigCommerce log-in Credentials