How do I create a private app for Zentail in Shopify?

Last updated 4 months ago

Before integrating Zentail and Shopify, please take a moment to generate a backup of your Shopify data.

In order to integrate your Shopify account with Zentail, you'll need to provide your Shopify API credentials -- API Key, API Password, Shared Secret.

Here's how: 
  1. Create a "private app" in Shopify. (
  2. Provide "Read and Write"/"Read Access"  to the following permissions:
    • Products, variants and collections
    • Orders, transactions and fulfillments
    • Fulfillment Services
    • Product Information
    • Customer Details and Customer Groups
      image.png 201.26 KB
  3. Provide "Read Access" to the following:
    • Customer details and customer groups
  4. Enter each of the fields in the "Connection Settings" section
  5. Make sure you use the URL
  6. Do not enable any of the feed options or switch to production mode before speaking with your onboarding specialist.