What is Pricefalls and how do I start selling on the Pricefalls marketplace?

Last updated over 1 year ago

We're excited to offer a seamless connection to Pricefalls. Here's a quick overview of the channel.

Here's how to get the ball rolling:
  1. Sign up at Pricefalls.com/sell -- be sure to reference Zentail as your integration partner.
  2. Pricefalls will provide you with FTP credentials via email -- email ms@pricefalls.com if you have not received your FTP credentials.
  3. Enter your FTP credentials into your Pricefalls card on your Integrations page in Zentail -- email support @zentail.com if you do not have a Pricefalls card.
  4. Set your Shipping Profile in Pricefalls (instructions)
  5. Categorize your SKUs according to their Taxonomy | video tutorial
  6. Set your SKUs to list on Pricefalls by toggling the button to 'List' for each of your SKUs -- email support@zentail.com if you have a large product catalog and you want to list all or most of your SKUs to Pricefalls without categorizing SKUs individually.
  7. Once the preceding steps are completed, email ms@pricefalls.com and ask them to:
    1. Configure your datafeed and Bulklister settings.
    2. Review your FTP configuration.