How do I set up my shipping settings in Pricefalls?

Last updated over 1 year ago

As with all channels, shipping settings should be managed in the channel's seller portal. Here's our recommended settings:
  1. Log in to your Pricefalls account
  2. On the left sidebar, in the Settings Section => Click Shipping Profile
  3. For Shipping Profile Type => Select "By Order Total (Tiered by Total Amount or Weight)"
  4. For Per-Item/Tier Pricing Model => Select "By Total Order Price (Based on Product Subtotal)"
  5. Select the Shipping Service Options you want to offer.
  6. Set the Shipping Lead Time you want to offer -- if FBA set 2 days.
  7. Set your Regional and Destination Restrictions => Click the Continue button
  8. Set your shipping rates as competitively as possible based on price tiers.*
* Keep in mind, if you are using FBA multichannel fulfillment, and your Amazon listings are free shipping, you will at least want to charge a small shipping fee on your lower priced items to ensure a profitable order. Be sure not to double-charge for shipping costs if your item prices are factor in shipping costs as "free shipping" listings on your other channels.