What is the process for going live with Walmart Marketplace?

Last updated 9 months ago

So you want to launch on Walmart?

Here's a quick overview of the process:

  1. Apply to sell on Walmart Marketplace.
  2. Kickoff Walmart Marketplace Onboarding: confirm your "readiness to onboard".
  3. Invite Zentail as a user in your Walmart Seller Center portal.
  4. Complete your 'launch checklist' which includes your Seller Profile configuration, sales tax configuration, and bank account configuration.
  5. Connect your Walmart account in Zentail.
  6. Optimize SKUs for Walmart
  7. Address product listing errors in Zentail to ensure your SKUs flow through to your Walmart portal.
  8. Walmart Test Orders
  9. Conduct your order testing.
  10. Complete your Walmart Seller Center checklist and set your Walmart integration card in Zentail to production mode
Let us know if you need assistance getting started with Walmart!

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