How to get to the top of Walmart Marketplace search rankings?

Last updated 9 months ago

Here are the core aspects that determine your search ranking and presence on Walmart Marketplace:

Listing views

  • The number of inbound visitors that arrive on your listings from external sources like Google Shopping (Walmart advertises on Google Shopping)
  • The number of organic visitors that arrive on your listings by browsing/searching

Transactions & SKU Reviews

  • The more purchases you have for your products, the more weight they'll carry in search results and recommendations.
  • The more positive reviews of each of your SKUs, the more weight they'll carry in search results and recommendations.

Keywords & Categorization

  • Do your descriptions, titles, bullets contain keywords that people looking for your product type would search for?
  • Is your Walmart Product Type (assigned on a Smart Type basis and editable in the Category & Description section of the main Edit Product view on a per SKU basis) most relevant? Contact us if you think your Smart Type(s) should be categorized differently for Walmart.

Seller Scorecard

  • Your Seller Scorecard in your Walmart Seller Center tracks your account performance.
  • Be sure to regularly review your Seller Scorecard to ensure your metrics are healthy, and proactively address any metrics that need to be improved.
  • Based on your fulfillment method and capabilities, you may need to adjust handling time accordingly to set performance expectations in line with your actual performance.

Pricing Parity with Slight Advantage 

  • It's important to make sure that your pricing on Walmart matches your pricing on Amazon.
  • Put yourself in the visitor's shoes, if you're on a Walmart listing for your product, is there a reason to leave and check out Amazon? The most common reason is shipping prices. If a non-Amazon Prime shopper is on your Walmart listing and they see a price of $24.95 + Free Shipping, and they check out your product on Amazon and see that it's $24.95 + Free Shipping on orders over $49, then they are highly likely to purchase from your Walmart listing.

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