Dynamic Walmart Repricer

Last updated 9 months ago

Zentail offers a dynamic Walmart repricer, available to everyone. Below are a few important notes on how to enable or disable this feature.

  1. To enable or disable this option, please go to your integrations page and view your Walmart card. Then, toggle the Walmart Repricer to whichever option you prefer.
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  2. We will not reprice any of your SKUs unless you have both a minimum price and a maximum price set in Zentail.
  3. You must have inventory for the sku as this is required for the sku to appear on the buybox report. 
  4. The price will get plugged in to your Walmart Price Overridefield (found in each SKU => Walmart advanced options). This means, your Walmart repricer does not change your sales price for any other channel except for Walmart.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about our Walmart Repricer:

Will Zentail reprice SKUs for Walmart that have a Walmart price override field filled in?
Yes. Assuming you have your Walmart Repricer enabled on your integrations page, and you have minimum / maximum prices filled in, we will reprice for Walmart and plug that into your Walmart price override field in Zentail. Any price already in that field will get overwritten. If you do not want to enable the Walmart repricer for a specific SKU, please remove your minimum / maximum price for that SKU.

Will adding mins and max pricing also start repricing any other channel?
Yes. That is the same trigger we use for our Amazon repricer. You can prevent Zentail from repricing on Amazon by disabling pricing sync in the Amazon section of your Integration Settings page.

​Let us know if you have any questions and, as always, we welcome your feedback!

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