How can I see what the multichannel fulfillment cost is for shipping?

Last updated 7 months ago

There are 2 ways to view the FBA Multichannel Fulfillment cost; in the Catalog for a specific SKU, and in the Orders page for a specific order. The Multichannel Fulfillment cost shown in Zentail is the total fulfillment cost -- shipping and all associated fees charged by Amazon for the order.


  1. Go to the Catalog page
  2. Click on a specific SKU that has FBA inventory.
  3. Scroll down to the Price & Availability section
  4. In the row for your FBA warehouse, there will be an "Est. Fulfillment Cost" value -- this is based on the estimated fulfillment cost model provided by FBA which takes into consideration your package dimensions and standard fulfillment service level.
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  1. Go to the Orders page 
  2. Click the "Shipped" section
  3. Select the channel you want to view orders for or search for the specific order
  4. Click the order row in the Orders table => Scroll down to the Accounting section
  5. The Shipping Cost is the cost to ship your order from FBA based on the estimated fulfillment cost model provided by FBA or from a 3PL, as well as what you paid for the shipping label. 
  6. If your accounting is showing negative margins, we recommend logging into the channel that order occurred on and adjusting your shipping cost model.
* Amazon does not provide the actual fulfillment cost in their API. Zentail uses the estimated fulfillment cost which is +/- 3% of the actual cost. To get the most accurate fulfillment cost, log into your Seller Central account and search for the Zentail order number.